One of the main goals of the Mu.SA project is to address the increasing disconnection between formal education and training and the world of work in the museum sector. In order to achieve this goal, the MU.SA project was conceived in different phases. The findings will be used in order to develop training programmes in various different formats such as the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), European specialization courses with face-to-face classes, as well as e-learning and workplace learning, in line with the specific needs of the museum sector.

1) Research

The consortium investigated which digital and transferable competences are fundamental in order to support museum professionals and help them in their efforts to make museums thrive in a digital environment by capitalizing on and revising the results of the eCult Skills project.

From December 2016 to March 2017 partners carried out a mapping of professional competences, digital and transferable, with the involvement of eighty-one experts in Europe, ranging from museum directors to policy makers, researchers, freelancers, etc. This study was conducted through interviews and focus groups, and it aimed to ensure a balance between various different points of view. A mapping of training provisions was also carried out by means of desk research and an online survey. Within the Mu.SA – Museum Sector Alliance project, research resulted in four emerging role – profiles: Digital Strategy Manager, Digital Collections Curator, Digital Interactive Experience Developer and Online Community Manager which were updated and revised according to the needs of museum professionals.

The research led to four main outputs:

 The Museum of the Future: Insights and reflections from 10 international museums” by Symbola and Melting Pro

Please download the report here.

 “The Museum Professionals in the Digital Era.  Agents of change and innovation”

Please download the short version and full version.

  “Emerging Job Profiles for museum professionals”

Please download the report here.

  “Museum of the future. Digital skills for change and innovation in Italy”

Please download the report in English and in Italian.

2) Design and development of training methodologies and contents

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3) Development and Piloting of training courses (MOOC – Massive Open Online Course and Specialisation course)

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4) Evaluation

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In this section you can find the main project results of the Research:



  • 2nd International Conference “DC-Me 2: Digital Challenges for Museum Experts”, Athens – Greece (link)
  • Re-designing museums. Digital skills for change and innovation, Rome – Italy (link)
  • +Digital Future: Competences for the Cultural Sector, Porto – Portugal (link)