Info Day at Barcarena (10.11.2017)

Digital Chalenges for Culture and Heritage Friday 10 November | 14.00-17.00 The Heritage, Citizenship and Cultural Mediation Meeting will be held on November 10 and 11 at the 'A Reserva', a policultural space at the old Gunpowder Factory of Barcarena, Oeiras. The Meeting, promoted by Mapa das Ideias, a Mu.SA project partner, will comprise seminars, a workshop and socializing experiences for museum professionals. The afternoon of the 10th will be dedicat

Info day at Rome (16.11.2017)

Digital or not? Questions on audience development “Digital or not? Questions on Audience development” debate aims at critically assessing the role of digital in engaging with audiences, opening up discussion on the role of technologies in increasing cultural participation and creating cultural content. Different perspectives on the topic will be brought to assess the role of digital in the debate of audience development. Targeted interventions and practic

Info day at Patras (06.11.2017)

The DAISSy Research Group of the Hellenic Open University organizes an Info day entitled: “Museums, Skills and New Perspectives in the digital era” on Monday 06 November 2017, from 15:00 to 20:00 in the building of Library and Information Center of the Hellenic Open University, in Patras, Greece (street Patron - Clauss 183). Aim of the Info day is the identification of the created needs of the professionals of culture and museum due to the quickening pa...

Ten steps to managing change

Ten steps to managing change Notes From the Mu.SA Conference in Rome On a warm Italian midsummer day, the Link Campus University hosted the Mu.SA project conference Re-designing Museums: Digital skills for change and innovation. The aim of this conference in Rome was to discuss the results of the research findings on digital competences for museums summarised in a Decalogue. Ten points identified in this document not only concern museum sector, but also

Mu.SA Conference at Rome (Italy)

Re-designing museums. Digital skills for change and innovation” LINK CAMPUS UNIVERSITY – ROME The museum world is constantly undergoing change and transformation, whether in response to economic, technological, social and cultural trends or professional advances. For museums to become the agents of change adequate professional development is crucial. Museum professionals should be equipped with the appropriate skill-sets needed to respond to the ever-cha

Museum professionals in the digital era – Agents of change and innovation

The museum world is constantly undergoing change and transformation, whether in response to economic, technological, social and cultural trends or professional advances. Museums are no longer the closed systems they used to be in the twentieth-century. Present day museums are increasingly becoming parts of a wider system of relationships, creating frameworks that multiply opportunities for wider participation, accessibility and exchange. Rapid technologica

CELDA 2017 – Call for papers

The CELDA conference aims to address the main issues concerned with evolving learning processes and supporting pedagogies and applications in the digital age. There have been advances in both cognitive psychology and computing that have affected the educational arena. The convergence of these two disciplines is increasing at a fast pace and affecting academia and professional practice in many ways. Paradigms such as just-in-time learning, constructivism...

2017 – ICE-Conference

Workshop on Advances on Digital Cultural Heritage In recent years, the use of digital approaches has seen rapid progress in many different areas, including cultural heritage applications. The goal of this unique workshop is to present a selection of recent advances, some of which are already used in the cultural heritage domain while others have a high potential for it. Therefore, the selected papers will take into account how these current novel digita

Tenth International Conference on the Inclusive Museum – Call For Paper

Each year the International Conference on the Inclusive Museum draws a diverse group of participants from all over the world. Our Program Development team draws on this diversity to craft a rich and distinctive conference experience. The conference program groups together presentations along similar themes to facilitate knowledge sharing and community building. 2017 Call for Proposals The International Conference on the Inclusive Museum invites proposal