The book entitled “The Future of Museum Professionals in the Digital Era – The Success Story of Mu.SA“, Achilles Kameas and Panagiota Polymeropoulou (editors), is the outcome of the online conference organized in 2020 by the Mu.SA partnership in the framework of the SSA EU Mu.SA project.

It delivers 12 contributions from the Mu.SA partners such as Hellenic Open University, AKMI S.A, ICOM Hellenic National Committee, ICOM Portugal, Melting Pro Learning, Link Campus University, IBACN, Symbola Foundation, Mapa das Ideias, University of Porto.

The book is separated in main topics: Digital Needs of museum professionals in the three countries; Greece, Italy and Portugal (chapters 1 – 3), the VET curricula developed for the four role profiles in Mu.SA (chapter 4), the Methodology for designing and Developing the curricula (chapter 5), the insights of piloting the Mu.SA MOOC and Specialisation Courses, one course for each role profile [chapters 6-9]. The last three chapters [10 – 12] are dedicated to the digital transformation and how this shift has become a topic of discussion in museum practice and a challenge to address, while some thoughts for the future of museums are also expressed in this book.

The e-book is free to download, the content of this work is made available under a Creative Commons [Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike] 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

The editors of this Book would like to express their sincere appreciation to the authors who contributed to this special issue and the reviewers who evaluated the contributions and provided helpful comments and suggestions.

  • Dr. Achilles Kameas, DAISSy research group, Hellenic Open University, Greece
  • Panagiota Polymeropoulou, DAISSy research group, Hellenic Open University, Greece
  • ISBN 978-618-84272-9-7, Production: Hellenic Open University Press, © 2020 Hellenic Open University Press