The online platform of the Mu.SA project will serve as the main delivery medium for the project outcomes.

The platform will support the open exchange of opinions, ideas, experience, discussions, peer learning and content via social computing tools (blogs, forums, wikis, etc). In addition, the following resources shall be made available through the platform for commenting and download under a Creative Commons type of license:

  • Mapping of training needs and offers in the museum sector at a European level;
  • European emerging job role profile descriptions;
  • Methodology and handbooks for the development and delivery of high quality VET curricula;
  • European versions of competence based modular VET curricula for specific job role profiles and guidelines for national adaptation;
  • Training content (in the form of OERs) and metadata to support interoperability, portability and reuse;
  • Evaluation reports including mapping VET curricula to EQF and NQFs of the participating countries;
  • Procedures to validate the non-formal, informal and prior learning in the museum sector;
  • Dissemination material.

This open source e – learning platform will host the MOOC during the course of the project. The MOOC, composed of digital training modules for acquiring the basic common competences of the proposed job role profiles, will be made openly available to European public and worldwide though one of the established European providers. Where possible, synergies with other existing European open platforms will be pursued.

The MOOC will be available to an unlimited number of trainees, ensuring that all who are really interested in improving their competences can do so without restrictions. Those who successfully complete the first training stage will be eligible in participating to the second and third stages of the training.

Different communities such as museum professionals, trainers, museum directors and other stakeholders will collaborate closely and use the platform as a medium of cooperation and networking. The platform will be accessible to anyone following a simple registration procedure so as to avoid misuse and inappropriate content.