This event, which is part of a series of meetings created to support the WBL of Italian students, is divided into two distinct sessions, which will take place over two days in Rome, at Link Campus University.

During the first day, there will be an intensive workshop on IoT applied to the cultural context, with practical activities that will stimulate the participation of the students. A questionnaire on digital transformation will follow.

During the second day, there will be two guests who will give two formative interventions: the first, Giuseppe Pedicini is an expert on Linked Open Data and will tell a case study that sees him active in first person (the Va.SA.RI project) while the second, Alessandra Carriero, is an expert on Web Design and CMS and will hold a workshop on the management of sites created with WordPress.

In addition, both days will be an opportunity to discuss any doubts about WBL and Project Work.