The February issue of ICOM Portugal Bulletin is dedicated to “Museus Hiperconectados: Novos Desafios e Perspectivas/Hyperconnected Museums: New Challenges and Perspectives following International Museum Day theme for 2018. How are museums responding to the challenges presented by digital technologies and platforms? This bulletin brings together different outlooks, simultaneously mapping out problems and challenges and promoting paths and concrete solutions for the future of Portuguese museums. Project Mu.Sa is specially focused in a extensive interview with Alexandre Matos (from ICOM Portugal), a specialist in museum collections documentation and management. Alexandre reflects about the many challenges that are necessary to overcome in museums in order to introduce technologies and the digital in a more balanced way. He also mentions the role of Mu.Sa project in developing training programs that will contribute to empower museum’s workforce, and, consequently, help museums to achieve digital transformation with more proficiency and agility.