7-9 April 2020

Theme: Blended and Online Education

Organized by the EMPOWER expert group of EADTU

A consensus is emerging that blended education, a term that embraces various combinations of classroom presence and online study, will become the most common approach to teaching and learning in higher education.

Technology is now widely accepted as a normal part of university education, by both students and teachers, and is seen by many as the solution to problems such as scaling up with limited funding. The adoption of MOOCs and fully online education by high-ranked universities has reduced the negative view of technology in higher education. To support these changes, most universities have “eLearning centres” of some kind, with professional “learning technologists/instructional designers” who work with teachers to create and deliver blended and fully online courses. (EMPOWER, EADTU, 2020).

In this webinar week we explore good practices and new developments in the field of blended and online education.

Prof. Achilles Kameas of Hellenic Open University will give a lecture on Combined use of MOOC, eLearning and workplace learning to support professional development – the case of project MuSA.

Participation to the webinar is free of any charge. If you are interested in attending, you can see the webinar programme and register here !