Akbank Sanat and ICTOP successfully organized five Musical Studies Seminars that took place at the AKBANK SANAT Art Center, celebrating the International Museum Day “Hybrid Connected Museums: New Approaches, New Publics” and the 50th anniversary of ICOM – ICTOP.

In the two-day seminars entitled “Communication-Oriented Museums”, the changing faces of the museums are confronted and negotiated, without denying, the new conditions created by technology, taking into account the communicative aspect of Museology. Speakers, museum, communication and training specialists from both the academic community and the museums of Turkey, as well as professionals from internationally renowned European museums such as the British Museum, the Van Gogh and the National Gallery of Denmark etc., presented their own experiences and presented successful practices on museum issues.

In Seminar V: ICOM-ICTOP: “Communication in Museums Related Trainings / Professional Development” was presented the Mu.SA project with the first results of the research as well as the training phases that will be developed within the project (MOOC, Specialization courses and work-based learning) for Museum professionals, by Panagiota Polymeropoulou, Archaeologist – Museologist MSc and Researcher at the Greek Open University, member of the DAISSy Research Group. Participants as well as speakers and the seminar organizers, expressed their interest and will to participate in the project’s future educational activities.

The topics discussed in the seminars were the spaces and changes in exhibition practices and ways of interpreting museums, participatory approaches to museums, forms of implementation of marketing strategies in museums and the ways in which museums make use of social media networking as well as the importance of the education and training of the Museum’s professionals. The seminars were attended by a total of 137 people from Turkey and Europe and the lectures were held in Turkish and English (with simultaneous interpretation for the public).

Download the conference programme here.