Our motivation:

Due to the quickening pace of the adoption of ICT in the museum sector, a strong disconnection between formal education and training and the world of work has been observed. The Mu.SA project aims to close that gap.

Our mission

…is to build new European profiles of emerging job roles in museums.

Our action plan:

…is to create a training program and the training content as well which includes:

  • staged VET methodology based on learning outcomes, policies and tools for assessment and validation of non-formal / informal learning
  • modular VET curricula
  • digital OERs
  • a MOOC for acquiring the basic competences of job role profiles and a Specialization Training Course
Our basic medium:

Training will be delivered via an online platform that stimulates sharing and exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices.

Our vision:

Project outputs will directly benefit museum professionals and unemployed in the cultural sector, as well as the museums themselves.

Indirectly, the project will contribute to raising the quality of life of the general public, by enabling museums to offer enhanced cultural experiences.