is a no profit organization  networking personalities and associations belonging to the economic, cultural, institutional sectors and to the civil society,  aimed at promoting a new quality-oriented model of development: the soft economy. Blending tradition, territory, technological innovation and research. Combining competitiveness, enhancement of human capital, respect for environment and human rights. Linking productivity and social cohesion.

Research activities and initiatives of the Foundation include in particular:

  • QDP – Quality Domestic Product: a statistic tool designed to measure the monetary value of the quality of goods and services in GDP (assessments carried out on the basis of environmental, social, cultural factors);
  • I am culture: a annually-based report estimating the weigth of cultural and creative industries in the Italian economy, GreenItaly: a report on the state of Italian Green Economy’s sector
  • (Made in Italy Excellences’ Digitization): an initiative developed in collaboration with Google aimed at promoting the digitalization of small and medium-sized Italian enterprises

Currently, our network consists of over 150 organizations, including businesses, trade associations, non-profit organizations, cultural institutions, public administrations.