Melting Pro is an organisation founded by seven professional women with a vast collective experience in the field of cultural management. The team’s combined experience stimulates a dynamic and innovative approach to its work.

Melting Pro operates in the field of arts and culture to promote innovative projects and support professionals in their developmental paths and growth.

The European and international dimension is the key component that qualifies our work method and the services we offer.

Melting Pro provides cultural and creative enterprises with innovative services and people working in the sector with training courses for a professional development.
Melting Pro is inspired by the understanding that culture plays a major role in contributing to a more cohesive society and the wellbeing of people.

It creatively opens up audience access to both tangible and intangible heritage, by fostering activities, which are socially and technologically innovative.

To fulfill this goal Melting Pro responds to the growing needs of cultural practitioners to invest in strategic skills and competences, to face challenges and support change in the sector by developing innovative training programmes and projects.

Melting Pro’s activities cover the following topics: audience development, innovative and entrepreneurial skills and competences, local and international cooperation and cultural development.

MeP promotes courses that use participatory methodologies in the context of a training offer centred on the internationalisation of cultural and creative companies, entrepreneurial development, particularly for the start-ups, and the definition of management strategies that ensure competitiveness and sustainability.